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Occasionally, your computer needs a little extra care, perhaps you want the operating system upgraded, or maybe it's begun to do odd things.  Maybe you need a little help with some of the common programs.  We pretty much specialize in Windows based PC's (well, we have some expertise with IBM Mainframes too).  JFE Consulting is dedicated to helping small computer users at a reasonable price.  If you need help configuring your computer or want to setup a small network in your home or business, please give us a call. 

Company Profile

JFE Consulting was established with the desire to help those folks in the Orlando Florida area who are stymied trying to get their computer equipment to work effectively.  People who are wondering if they need to upgrade or how to setup a small network in their home or office. 

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To contact us, the best method is to contact us via email at info@jervin.com.  Feel free to call at 407-679-6514.

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