Pricing is going to be a bit subjective, and normally will require a statement from you of your requirements from which I will make give 1you a proposal or quote on the Cost.  We generally deal in offices with from 3 to 64 Telephone sets and with 2 or more CO Lines, T1 PRI, and VOIP Trunks. 


We can arrange for cabling of your site for both data (Cat5e or Cat6) and communication (Cat 3 or better).  Generally, cabling will be about $80 to $100 per cable run from a central location to each phone or computer Jack/Drop.  This will include the labor, faceplates, jacks and the cable.  Some things are extra such as Patch Panels and Punch Down Blocks. Piercing Walls or Firewalls, extra long runs (greater than an average of 50 cable feet).   Certain types of cabling such as Plenum Cable (required for return air ceiling space) is a bit extra ($5 per run). 

Phone System - Rental

A simple phone system with no voicemail  with up to 3 or 4 incoming lines and 2 or 3 Telephone Sets might at $65 per month.  The contract will call for a minimum of a year with a monthly option to cancel afterwards. 

Systems with VoIP etc and other more modern capabilities are available and will need to be priced at the time per your requirements.

Phone System - Sales

Much like rental, systems tend to vary in price depending on features included (Caller ID, Voice Mail, Internet Capabilities).  I will be happy to give you a quote for a system.  If you give me a price you are aiming for and features desired, I will try to come up with a system that is satisfactory.

VoIP / Internet features tend to be fairly expensive, but VOIP service can actually be pretty affordable.

In larger systems, the Telephone sets begin to be the most expensive component running from $75 to $200 each (or more).

Service Contracts

If you already own a system: Prostar, Avaya, Norstar, Trixbox and if you just need somebody occasionally to come out and do simple adjustments or repairs, then perhaps you'd be interested in a service contract.  for a small site, for $60 a month, we will provide up to 4 hours of onsite service per 31 day period.  We can also support your sites PC's in the service contract.